Targeted therapy

The cancer of the areas of medical science that are really great interest research. It is reported that there are approximately 14.5 million Americans who have a history of cancer, as there are more than 13 million new cancer cases is estimated annually. No wonder that the artificial intelligence (AI) also has entered into this field, did not fail to researchers from the University of Michigan that they developed a pioneering method to have the ability to eliminate tumors.

This new technology is based on nano - sized discs - about 10 nm to be exact - to guide the body to kill cancer cells. Says James Moon from the University of Michigan: "We basically teach the immune system through these nanoparticles disks so that immune cells from attacking the cancer cells in a customized way."

And have each disk of these "nano-disks" filled with generators developed antibody (mutations quality tumor), which guides the T cells of the immune system to identify all generators antibody developed and kill her. This works in conjunction with the immune portals that enhance T cell responses inhibitors, which is an anti-cancer organ in the body, would eliminate the tumors and may prevent it from appearing again.

The moon: "The idea is that this vaccine nanoparticles disks will stimulate the immune system to fight cancer cells in an ad hoc manner." The study is published in the journal Nature Materials.

Image Credits:  Shutterstock
Image Credits: Shutterstock


So far , these nanoparticles disks tested successfully on mice and found that they are promising to some extent, where eliminate tumors within 10 days. These discs also were able to stop similar tumors in mice after reinserted 70 days. . "Says the lead author of the study Roy Kwai :" This indicates that the immune system may remember cancer cells for long - lasting immunity. "

Of course, there will be a long time before the spread of this vaccine designed for public use. As the researchers still need to expand through tests on large animals. After that, it may take more time before it becomes tested in humans is already possible.

However, the nanoparticles disks increase the likelihood of developing a cure for cancer. Other efforts in this area - to name a few - laser surgery improved to eradicate tumors, the vaccine , which is being developed in partnership between dozens of organizations , as well as one of the attempts that focus on changing the DNA of the cancer .